The Extreme Variety Playlist

– a sampling of music Matt has composed for TV, video games and albums.
Matt is one of the most creative and talented composers/performers I’ve worked with. His ability to quickly create highly polished and musically sophisticated compositions is rare and his range of styles that he can legitimately cover is astonishing. I’ve worked with Matt both at Electronic Arts and also called-in his services on projects while I was Audio Director at Microsoft. He has never failed to knock it out of the park and he gets my full recommendation.” – Caesar Filori, Audio Director, Producer, Microsoft Game Studios

More remarks about Matt from people in the TV and video game biz

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   “Matt Ragan is an exceptionally creative and talented composer. He is adept at eliciting authentic emotional responses in a wide variety of genres, from rock to jazz to country to orchestral scores and more. In addition he brings a consistently positive attitude, a thorough dedication to always delivering high quality music on time, and is known for being just plain fun and easy to work with.”

 – Tom Fernandes, Producer/Editor, Entertainment Studios, Senior Editor, TV Guide Network

“Matt Ragan worked with me at Electronic Arts, Seattle. I remember when we had a need for an additional composer/sound designer, and decided to recruit the most versatile and talented individual who could best fit with our current team. It turned out there were many, many applicants, but one stood head and shoulders above all. That was Matt, and we were never disappointed. Every superlative I can think of applies to Matt. That is: He is a very talented guitar player, composer, sound designer, and mixer. He is extremely bright, very hard working and self-motivated; but best of all, he is a hell of a nice guy who collaborated well with the other audio team members as well as the programmers, artists and all others he worked with to make a number of mega hit products. I unequivocally endorse Matt Ragan as a sound engineer, musician, composer and great person.”

– Mike Mathisen, Senior Development Director, Electronic Arts-Seattle